Mergers and acquisitions chinese companies foothold in france

TwinL, the Right solution to get a footprint in European market

Understand the stakes of your venture and assure your development. TwinL is at your side to face any moments and business needs in Europe.
Together we respond to and solve your requirements and issues. Our high quality support with an experienced Chinese and French Team and our custom made solutions adapt to respond to your specific needs.
Discover our extended capabilities:
Market study and feasibility analysis as well as a competition benchmark,
Assess “Priority Markets” (lowest barriers + Highest potential)
Prospecting, interviews and negotiations with potential partners
Sales and distribution contracts analysis
Build the detailed Business Plan with needed Capex/Opex
Launching phase: complete management operate by TwinL
You want to sell your products in Europe but you don't know how and above all you are aware that you will have to adapt your products to the European market. How can you effectively satisfy the needs of your European clients ?
Group TwinL help you with the market studies and marketing tests to ensure the success of your products in Europe.
Concept Tests
Product Tests
Brand Name Research, design and tests
Packaging Tests
Communication Tests
Image studies
Impact studies
Development studies
Implantation studies

Together with our clients, we have constructed a reliable and strong network capable of developing your entry into the European market.
Process :
Pre-implantation via our representation offices.
  1. Study of your products and commercial methods in Europe.
  2. Study of current market conditions and competitors
  3. Prospecting, interviews, and negotiation in the most relevant countries to enter first.
  4. Contract development for sales and distribution.
  5. Development of a network, creation of necessary tools needed to start sales, communication support.
Then the sales begin.
Implantation in one or several countries in Europe by the most appropriate form. (JV, 100%, Licensing... ect.)

Advantages :
Add Europe to your balance sheet, diversify your markets, Maximize your presence and your control, increase the image of your enterprise, use your Chinese base as a corner stone of your competitive advantage against your European based competitors.

Your order flow is regular and growing, your European activities expand and diversify. Eventually we can provide you with your personal Trading house and managed your European company.
  1. Recruitment of a bilingual manager most adept to your needs. Full time, he is exclusively devoted to your company's needs in China and in Europe.
  2. Housed in our office, he is managed by our European managers following our techniques. Thus, he benefits from our experience and from our network and works in symbiosis with our team.
  3. Weekly report on activities and results.
  4. Regular audit of your services suppliers, customer satisfaction, conflict anticipation and resolution.
Advantages :
  1. 100% production control,
  2. Local production costs, sold at European prices,
  3. Increase the image of your group, reassure stockholders,
  4. Profit from your Chinese base to compete with European factories,
Your export flow has proved profitable and you are thinking about a more permanent investment in Europe and therefore, secure this market from protectionism threats.
Create your own office :
TwinL can assist you in creating your own trading office in Europe (you have the choice between favorable legal entities, administrative formalities, judicial formalities, translation... etc.),
  1. We co-manage your office to ensure smooth operation as a Strategic Services Partner or Licensing Partner or JV Partner.
  2. We manage the acquisition of European company.
  3. You profit from our network and experience through our consulting practices.
  4. Increase your Group turnover, diversify your markets.
  5. Maximize your presence and your control.
  6. Reassure your clients with a strong Brand awareness
  7. Profit from your Chinese base to compete against European companies

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