Advice on business transfer and business succession

TwinL is a M&A advisor specializing in corporate divestiture operations…

The decision to sell your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. We represent you when you want to sell your business to allow you to stay focused on your business during this process.


Sell your Business

As former business owners and thanks to our expertise in business divestitures, we are able to accompany you and provide you with advice on the profile of potential buyers as well as those who are actively looking for acquisitions. The key to a successful transfer lies in the management of the process, from the signing of the mandate to the full payment of the price.

Selling mandates

From the signing of our mission letter, TwinL advises you to prepare and present your company. This process aims to increase the valuation potential of your company while meeting your financial requirements and your post-sale strategy. So you can continue to focus on the day-to-day management and growth of your business, as we negotiate the best deal possible for you, your shareholders and your company’s employees.

The best solution for you

We develop an Information Memorandum highlighting the strengths and growth potential of your company. Most buyers or investors receive several opportunities each month and TwinL draws their attention with a quality Information Memorandum. This file, very complete, coupled with our information system including all potential buyers and a rigorous methodology of competition of buyers: this is the method of TwinL to obtain the best offers on the market. The traditional “network” method, used by some advisors who prefer a small-target approach, does not serve your best interests as business leaders. This methodology, specific to TwinL, allows us to guarantee our results.


The Transfer process for TwinL

Before concluding a contract together, we meet with you to understand your aspirations, discover your company, its activities, its market and the expectations of your shareholders. We then carry out a value analysis of your company that we share with you. We only move to the next phase if we think we can carry out your project and we have a common vision on the operation.

When we formally enter into a contract together, our mission begins. It begins with a comprehensive collection of information that will be used to build our Memorandum of Information.

Once the project has started, and in parallel with the elaboration of our Information Memorandum, a list of potential buyers is selected in our TwinL Database. This list of «targets» is always amended (addition & deletion) by our client who validates it before sending the anonymous Teaser.

This Teaser presents, anonymously, the main characteristics of the company or assets sold without disclosing the identity of your company. This information, summarized, allows the targets who receive the Teaser to decide if they wish to sign our Confidentiality Agreement, showing genuine interest. We then personally contact each target company on our list to inform them of this acquisition opportunity. During this first contact, your identity and the nature of the business or assets sold are never revealed to the potential buyer until he has signed our Confidentiality Agreement.

In parallel, we develop our Memorandum of Information. Only the signatories of our Confidentiality Agreement and more approved by you, will receive this file. The Memorandum of Information reveals your identity and describes the company and the assets involved in the transaction. The presentation package provides all the macro-economic information a potential buyer needs to decide whether to make an offer.

After receiving preliminary, non-binding offers from potential buyers, we analyze them on various key criteria. These criteria are essentially based on the funds available, history in terms of acquisition of strategic assets or acquisition of companies, propensity to buy, strategic interest, their analysis of the file and the conditions of the offer. This analysis is useful to our client who can more easily choose the candidates he wants to meet before engaging in a more formal negotiation.

TwinL sets itself the goal of allowing its clients to choose from several projects: this implies meeting different «candidates for acquisition», their management, to understand their objective in terms of integrating your company into their organization. At the end of these meetings, and on the indications of our client and its shareholders, we will discuss the conditions of the operation which will be summarized in the Letter of Intent, the objective being to obtain the best price, the best conditions and the best deadlines while assessing the ability of the Buyer to effectively conclude the transaction in accordance with the schedule.

At the Letter of Intent stage, many stakeholders «enter» into action: lawyers, multiple auditors with varied expertise (technical, tax, environmental, commercial), notaries. The TwinL team orchestrates these new players so that everyone can carry out their mission and respect the schedule agreed in the Letter of Intent while protecting their client to avoid being bombarded with various solicitations. This step of the process is very important because it is the most delicate in terms of managing the stress and egos of all stakeholders. We have extensive experience in managing this process and resolving issues that may arise during this critical phase.


Enhance your business

The valuation analysis of your company is an essential element in the context of a transfer or Transmission project. This is why TwinL puts all its expertise at your service for the evaluation of your business.

You can choose between two types of services to enhance your business:
A simple and free estimate based on your last 3 balance sheets and your forecasts. We review 24 key points divided into 8 sections (management, competition, financial structure, market/product, etc.) that we enter in our business analysis grid. A thorough analysis to obtain a complete and detailed analysis report on the evaluation of your company. During this in-depth analysis, a senior consultant travels to your company to conduct a comprehensive review of tangible and intangible assets.

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