Fundraising advice

TwinL is an M&A advisor that supports you in your financial engineering operations…

Since the private equity market has grown considerably in recent years, there are solutions for all types of companies, whether they are young, innovative or already well positioned on their market. Whatever the profile of your business, the term that comes up most often is growth. Indeed, capital investors are primarily looking for companies with proven growth potential.


Why call on a Council
for his fundraiser?

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Expertise and Strategy

  • Because there are hundreds of investment funds, but only a few dozen enter your target;
  • Because you have a strategy to grow your business and a board will develop a strategy to find you an investor;
  • Because a board will give you an external view of your business and adapt your business plan and presentation accordingly;
  • Because a consulting firm is the only way to get the best deal in terms of valuation, conditions, protection of your interests; and
  • Because investment funds receive dozens of business plans per month;

Time and Energy

The search for a partner, the GOOD partner, is very time consuming for the entrepreneur and for all his management. All that time and energy spent on fundraising will not be spent on growing the business.

How are you going to explain to investors that you are facing incredible growth opportunities and that you only deal with them partially while spending your time running from fund to fund?

A consulting firm will save you at least 50% of the time needed for this research that you can spend developing your business. Most of the cost will be paid by investors and only if your capital increase is successful.

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Why choose TwinL
for my fundraiser?

The experience TwinL has acquired over 15 years of practice, its knowledge of your industry (Tech, Industry, Agri-Food, Health, etc.), its database (more than 60,000 companies in all sectors), and its ability to handle a large volume of information, represent the strengths of our team.

Former entrepreneurs, like you, we have experienced the difficulties and joys that all business leaders experience. Then we went to the other side with this desire to bring entrepreneurs the help and advice that we did not have at the time. We are in direct contact with many investment funds and are completely independent of any banking network. Our only interest is to make you make the best transaction so that you choose us as Counsel for the next capital increase, external growth transaction or sale.

This ensures that you receive impartial advice.

Our remuneration is 90% of the result, we share your risk and are therefore really committed to the success of your operation.

For this, we make a real support of your project:

  • We develop a dossier and a slideshow,
  • We advise you for your business plan,
  • We are setting up an electronic dataroom where investors can consult all the documentation without disturbing you.
  • We support you systematically in the presentations to investment funds.

Then, with you, we analyze the results of the interviews as well as the evolution of your company during the fundraising process and we adapt the presentation file as and when necessary.

When your choice is made among the funds we present to you, we become its sole interlocutor for the drafting of the letter of intent then the investment protocol and the shareholders’ agreement in order to defend your best interests. This involvement allows you to focus on your business and not conflict with your future financial partners.


Financial Engineering Operations

Secure my wealth


The leveraged buyback strategy can be risky and complex. This is why TwinL supports you in your LBO projects by providing you with all its know-how.


Do you want to enhance your economic capital and secure part of your professional assets? TwinL offers to support you in your OBO project. Thanks to our expertise in financial engineering, our team will offer you the right support for the success of your project.

Recompose my capital

Minority exit

The history of a company often goes through many changes within its shareholders; sometimes, it becomes necessary to offer a possibility of «exit» to some of its shareholders in order to bring in new ones to pursue a project (acquisition for example) or to strengthen a majority. TwinL assists you in your minority buyout project, via debt or capital financing. Thanks to our expertise in financial engineering, our team will offer you the right support for the success of your project.

Organize your succession

The leader must have a long-term vision and the management/ preparation of his estate is a long-term plan (3-5 years). Introduce the next generation in capital, build a management team to prepare a succession, so many opportunities to study and then set up on which TwinL accompanies you.