Business Acquisition Consulting

TwinL is an investment bank that advises you on your business acquisition operations…

External growth is a key step in the life of a company and it is vital to conduct it in the best possible conditions. The advice and expertise provided by TwinL guarantees the success of your acquisition project and thus ensures the sustainability of your company and that acquired. Generally there are “several” contenders during an acquisition and the difference can be slight between the one who will win the deal and the second, not to mention the others…


The keys to your Successful Acquisition

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Beat the competition

To win, multiple factors play;
Understand the seller’s deep motivations, context, reasons for the sale and projection post-sale; The price, the construction of the Price and the conditions of the Price; Your project, as buyer, for the integration of the acquisition; The security of the transaction perceived by the transferor (financing, proposed legal conditions, etc.)

The Timing of the Operation

Not to be confused with the schedule, the timing is the rhythm desired by the seller/ his advice. It often imposes a fast pace of execution to preserve confidentiality before signing a Letter of Intent or Protocol. Timing is also your timing that can be favorable or unfavorable.

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Your Motivation as a Buyer

You and your business must be “ready” to make your purchase and devote a minimum of time to it. Business reconciliation transactions are complex because of the number of players involved in the process (executives, bankers, accountants, advisors, acquirers, etc.) and the many variables to take into account (financial, legal, tax, social, commercial, operational, etc.). In this context, we argue that the intervention of a team like TwinL is always beneficial (return on investment). The availability and skills of the Buyer alone are generally not broad enough to address all of these constraints, on time.


Why choose TwinL for your Acquisition?

The experience TwinL has acquired over 15 years of practice, its knowledge of your industry (Tech, Industry, Agri-Food, Health, etc.), its database (more than 60,000 companies in all sectors), and its ability to handle a large volume of information, represent the strengths of our team.

The classic process of an Acquisition

An Acquisition Mission begins with the joint development of realistic specifications: the offer of quality companies to be sold is limited and our consulting work involves a reformulation of your project and your constraints to optimize the chances of success (Occupations sought, location, size/financing, acquisition skills and experience, preparation for integration..).

A «Third Party» approach, by an Investment Bank like TwinL that relies on proven techniques (personalized and confidential approach), a proven methodology, a real ethics and recognition linked to more than 15 years of practice, allows to optimize the approach, in terms of deadlines and costs and to reassure potential sellers about the reality and professionalism of the project: so they will entrust more information, sometimes confidential, to a firm like TwinL having «storefront» who will commit to respecting processes rather than a direct buyer, boss and often competitor.

When we approach a Target (identified or qualified), we always communicate the name of our Client (after the Target has signed a Confidentiality Agreement) so that a relationship of transparency and trust is established between the Target and TwinL: this communication (Buyer Presentation Document) is prepared by TwinL on the basis of the Acquisition Strategy defined at the beginning of the assignment to be “motivating and reassuring” for the Target and its potential Selling Advisors.

Finally, the qualification of a contact as an «Open Target for Discussion» is carried out by TwinL, with its client, objectively, as an intermediary. We clearly analyze the information collected in light of our client’s specifications and do not hesitate to rule out non-compliant leads. Too often, buyers in direct contact with potential sellers hesitate to break off discussions without a tomorrow or to reject a target that does not fit the original specifications.

We support you on 2 axes

You have qualified or identified a target and want to engage in discussions and must qualify your information

1/You receive a transfer file/teaser. A company is clearly in the transfer phase and the Seller’s Council has contacted you to propose the file;

2/Or you receive information from your professional network indicating that target X “would be” for sale;

You must act quickly and professionally by transferring this “opportunity” or “information” to the TwinL team.

In case no. 1, TwinL will sign the Confidentiality Agreement with you to obtain the Information Memorandum. This shows both your interest and your determination. TwinL then works on the collected elements to make you an analysis of the target company and a valuation range. We assure you that each key point will be professionally worked: gathering information for an analysis of financial data, sales, products/services, operations, HR, etc. with you, we study the complementarities and synergies with your company to calculate an objective valuation of the target, low and high range. TwinL finally validates that this target corresponds to the criteria determined together at the launch of the Mission.

In case 2, the TwinL team will then approach, directly and confidentially, the boss of this company to confirm (or not) this information. We will also inform him that we have a Buyer Mandate to meet him to present our external growth project.

You must absolutely do external growth to quickly develop your business

We establish together your external growth strategy, define together the activities you want to develop, and therefore the companies to target according to their activities, size, location, turnover, technologies, results etc…Based on this information we develop an acquisition project to approach confidentially the targets that we have submitted for validation and for a mission in a time that we have defined together.

Our method


Understand the context of the transaction for the transferor, remove fears and reduce egos and affect, essential psychological elements of such a negotiation that TwinL manages with the experience of its team and its 15 years of practice.

Negotiation of the conditions of the acquisition: the price of course, but also the related agreements (GAP, Accompanying seller, etc.) in coordination with your other advisors (lawyer, accountant), to avoid errors, manage the timing of the deal and find the necessary compromises in peace. By taking charge of the conflicting aspects, TwinL preserves its customer «Buyer» who will then have to collaborate, more or less long, with the sellers.

An acquisition mission usually lasts between 9 and 18 months during which TwinL and its Client will work closely together on several acquisition opportunities. All these opportunities are processed by your TwinL team immediately to be sure that none will be «lost» due to lack of responsiveness to other buyers. TwinL allows you to have objective elements (analysis, valuation, context) to submit to your Board of Directors (or your Executive Committee) to make your GO/NOGO decision quickly.

Through this background work, you reduce the risk of seeing one of your «ideal acquisition targets» pass into the lap of a competitor who has been faster than you. We regularly update our client on the status of opportunities in treatment. You can stop our Acquisition Mission at any time.