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is a M&A advisory firm that has been advising company owners, investors in their company sale and acquisition transactions, divestitures or in Corporate Finance (OBO, LBO, MBO…) since 2005. Our team has completed nearly 100 successful transactions in France and abroad in the small and mid cap segment. It is this experience, coupled with rigorous processes, that allow us to guarantee our clients a successful deal under the best possible conditions.


Sale and Transfer Advices



The decision to sell your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. As former business owners and with our long experience in mergers and acquisitions, we can provide you with tailored advices and guidances on the profile of potential buyers. This includes geographic targeting, negotiation, and maintaining total confidentiality while respecting deadlines. The key to a successful sale lies in the perfect management of the sale process, from the signing of the mandate to the full payment of the price. Your ability to step back from the emotion of the sale process while remaining in control of your choices is essential, and TwinL M&A Advisory, gives you this fundamental advantage.



TwinL M&A Advisory helps you prepare and pitch your business in a well-managed process that increases the potential for value enhancement while meeting your personal and financial requirements and exit strategy. A sale is an important moment in your life as a business owner. We assist you throughout the sale process to find a buyer on your behalf that fits your strategic vision and the culture you wish to retain within your business.



As a company director or investor, you wish to refocus on your core business by selling a subsidiary, a branch of activity or very specific assets. We can assist you in your financial and legal procedures to find the best buyer for you.


Corporate Finance Advisory


Securing my Assets

Are you a business owner who wants to secure part of your assets in order to prepare your company transfer, to finance a personal project or for he sake of security? Then an OBO (Owner Buy-Out) is certainly suitable for you. This operation consists of buying back your shares via a new holding company which is financed by a bank loan. There are a number of tools available (senior debt, syndicated debt, convertible bonds, etc.), and our role will be to advise you throughout this process, but also to put your banks and other financing bodies in competition with each other in order to obtain the best loan conditions and to structure your debt as effectively as possible.


Financing my Company’s Growth

In many competitive sectors, the organic or external growth of you business is a key factor in the long-term sustainability of you company. When the short or medium-term financing offered by you banks is no longer sufficient to finance your development or acquisition projects, we provide support by helping you to raise funds from private equity funds or invenstment banks. Finding the right investor, maximising the value of your business and defining the legal terms are all crucial elements on which TwinL M&A Advisory can help you negotiate.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

External growth is a key stage in the life of a company. It is vital to carry it out under the best possible conditions. The advice and expertise provided by TwinL M&A Advisory guarantees the success of your acquisition project and thus ensures the long-term future of your company and that of the acquired company.


Building your

External Growth Strategy

As former entrepreneurs and with our M&A practice, we are able to provide advice and guidance in terms of potential target profiles, geographical research, negotiation, due diligence process and post-acquisition integration. We represent you when you wish to acquire businesses or business assets in France or internationally. We also work in collaboration with some of our M&A peers on opportunities in Europe, United States or Asia.


in your Acquisition

We work with you on the basis of your shortlist of potential targets, or on the basis of your search criteria (size, business sectors, turnover, geographical location, etc.) or on the basis of a memorandum that you receive directly from one of our peers. We analyse the target, ask the right questions and advise you on the Enterprise Value to be offered as well as on the right negotiation tactics. Generally in competition with other buyers, the responsiveness, the psychology of the seller and his advisors and the in-depth financial analysis of the target enable you to increase your chances of winning the deal.


Our Company



TwinL is a unique M&A advisory firm that focuses on medium-sized companies with valuations between €1 and €50 million. Thanks to our high success rate and our marketing approach to M&A, we work with clients from all sectors of the economy. With over €2 million in capital, TwinL Banque d’Affaires offers you a solid financial base and an impeccable reputation for integrity and creativity in fulfilling its missions. The entrepreneurial spirit that TwinL shares with its entrepreneurial clients remains one of the key elements of a successful transaction.



For us, the interests of our Client, whether selling or buying, are always paramount and we serve our clients in their best interests, and only their interests. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our success. We only engage in assignments in which we believe we can succeed. So you can be sure that when we make a commitment, we are fully confident that we can deliver. We will always try to inject creativity and imagination into everything we do for you and your business. All information about our clients is kept confidential and is protected until a qualified candidate signs a confidentiality agreement.


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M&A Transnational

Our International Network

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TwinL is a founding member of M&A Transnational – an international network of M&A advisors. Amongst global M&A transactions, cross-border deals now outnumber domestic ones and this trend is set to continue. The prospect of acquiring or merging with a company in an unfamiliar market is daunting and cross-border M&A is considered more difficult than domestic transactions. The Transnational M&A Network aims to provide the CEO of a mid-cap company with practical advice on how to successfully complete cross-border M&A transactions.


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